What We Do

We provide California family law advice remotely via computer or mobile using internet software for video conferencing.

We are here to provide accessible, professional legal advice during times where you may not be able to spend much time away from your home. Individuals with complicated schedules, young children, or find themselves housebound for any reason may be most interested in our virtual consultation sessions. Inspired by recent events during the COVID-19 shutdown, it became apparent that we needed to adapt to provide our services. There are simply some things in life that cannot wait, access to the justice system is one of them.

Self-Booking Calendar System

Use our provided calendar to book an in-home consultation session that works best for your schedule.

Online Consultation

Once your appointment has been booked, you can connect with a licensed family attorney in as little a few days. Our consultations are done using internet software to enable video conferencing and can be accomplished on most devices.

Easy Payment

Pay your in-home consultation fee with our flexible payment system.

Practice Areas

Domestic Violence

Our practice takes situations of domestic violence very seriously. Your safety and healing is our priority. We can help guide you to taking the appropriate legal action (be it restraining order or personal protection orders) to ensure that you can focus on moving on to the next chapter of your life.

Filing for a Child Support Order

Filing for a child support agreement is often done to guarantee financial resources for your child in situations where you and your child’s other parent do not have a formal agreement in place.


There are many intricate steps to filing a petition for marriage dissolution. It is our goal to handle your processes and paperwork while you work through an emotionally turbulent chapter in your life.

Post-Divorce Modifications

After a judgment is entered, you have the option to file modification to agreement. Some examples of common post-divorce modifications are increasing spousal/child support, modifying parenting agreements, or ending spousal/child support.

Child Custody/Visitation

Ensuring that there is a formal agreement for custody/visitation for your child provides him or her with a structure that lends itself to a copacetic environment.

Premarital Agreements

Before a marriage license is signed it can be a wise choice to establish parameters to be followed in the event the unforeseeable occurs. For some couples, a pre-nuptial agreement establishes an added layer of trust.

Our Legal Team

Noelle M. Halaby, CFLS*
Certified Family Law Specialist, Attorney

Ms. Halaby established her law firm in January of 2003, which is limited to the practice of Family Law. Ms. Halaby’s practice of “Family...

Maria D. Houser, Esq.

Ms. Houser was first admitted into the Bar in 2008, and has been practicing Family Law for over six (6) years and is involved...

Amneh N. Ataya, Esq.

Ms. Ataya has attended the University of Southern California where she obtained a degree in Political Science with a minor in Law and Society...

Mary Catherine Bohen, CFLS*
Certified Family Law Specialist, Attorney

Mary Catherine Bohen is a Certified Family Law Specialist and has over 30 years of litigation experience.  Mary Catherine prides herself on finding practical...

What Clients are Saying

  • Best Family Law Lawyer. Thank you Noelle.
    Jesus Juarez
    Los Angeles, CA
  • I would strongly recommend Mrs. Halaby to anyone going through a divorce. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and generous...
    Nane J,
    Glendale, CA
  • Best lawyer  ever! Knowledgeable, smart, with high ethics and professionalism, but more than anything caring...
    Marina S.
    Granada Hills, CA
  • ...She and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, assertive and most importantly HONEST. Not once did I ever feel that I was being taken advantage of....
    Sonia D.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Great Family Lawyer – I never imagined it would be this easy to finish my divorce and not to worry...
    Glendale, CA
  • Noelle is the Finest Attonery I have ever met in my entire adult life! She can do anything and more! She saved our lives!...
    Elyse Robin
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